Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding DDP

What is a 'text set'?

A text set is a set of large characters, numbers and other symbols, filled with various design elements. They are grouped by themes such as holidays or special events. Easter, Spring and Saint Patrick's Day are just a few. They are transparent .png images to be used in your creations. Memes, newsletters, blogs and more. These are NOT fonts! These letters must be placed and positioned. They are compatible with Laughingbird's Graphics Creator desktop and on line versions. They are also compatible with any other program or utility capable of handling .png images.

How do you use a text set?

Using a program such as Laughingbird Software's Graphics Creator, simply add each character that you want to use to the canvas. They are simple transparent .png images. Then place and postion them as needed. With Graphics Creator you can use an alignment grid to help place the characters but it will still take a little work and concentration. Is it hard? No. But the better you can line up the images the better your creation will look. Or you can use the LARGE images to make a point. You could use a stand alone image and place other images or text around it. There are many ways to make use of these colorful images.

Why should I register?

You should register so that any purchase you make will be recorded on your personal download page. Occasionally products will be offered for free. Then the price will return to the normal sales price. If you downloaded the product while it was free, you will not be able to download it again if the price changes. Unless you register. Free products will not automatically be added to your download page, but I will be able to add them manually if you need to download them again. Please register. It makes it easy on both of us. Thank you.